Images Énervée

various installations, still under construction

For the Arles 2017 photo expo photographer Sofie Knijff invited Arnoud to help her create a four-channel video installation based on specific images from her work. Looking for a way to use film techniques and composition to grasp the playful and yet dark content of her photo series, together they set off inventing a whole new audio visual language.

An unusual and tight collaboration between a photographer and film maker is born. From a large collection of portraits and location shots, Sofie carefully chooses a batch of photos, quite intuitively, with a feeling they might somehow belong together. Arnoud reacts on video by trying out combinations of these images, carefully exploring them using a ‘hand held’ camera technique: it’s as if the photo’s are voyeuristically examined. He then adds a subtle combination of sounds, like an early morning forest and a late night recording of an escalator; an almost imperceivable twist adds to the images in an ungraspable but intriguing way. Sofie directs, readjusts, they brainstorm other combinations of images and sounds, and so back and forth every short scene is slowly built up by their mutual artistic input.


Excerpt of the Arles 4-channel film. Still under construction:





more info soon