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project-specific content like trailers or excerpts are available on the page for the work itself.
this section focuses on other media like interviews and making-of videos.
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a quick collection of excerpts from my own works, as can be found in the 'work' section.
Collected in a youtube playlist, updated somewhat regularly.

as big as the sky (2015)

interview about the opera just before it's premiere, on NPO TV June 2015

interview about working with Ai Weiwei, at the launch of the HF program, January 2015

radio item about As Big as the Sky on "Vrije Geluiden", Radio 4 VPRO (starts at 21 min. 20 sec.)

"Total Solution" commercial, featuring Ai Weiwei as "Wu Cai"

Photo albums for researching and the making of "Sky", working with Weiwei, live- and behind-the-scenes photos on the As Big as the Sky facebook page:



one minute opera (2015)

Arnoud made a one-minute opera, with a libretto by Pieter Steinz  based on Rembrandt's painting "Het Joodse Bruidje" — Dutch daily TV show De Wereld Draait Door:


double music (2012)

For percussion group Slagwerk Den Haag, Arnoud made seven short films linking seven duo-compositions in a concert commemorating John Cage. An interesting series of composer portraits.


playlist for all the double-interviews:


urwald (2013)

Gerard Bouwhuis en Heleen Hulst (Nieuw Amsterdams Peil) over UrWald

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calefax residency (2011)

filming "Verzonken" ("Plunged") with saxophonist Raaf Hekkema:

interview about the concert with Aad van Nieuwkerk, at November Music festival 2011


fugue (2010)


anticantate (2009)


inside out (2006)