arnoud noordegraaf

composer | director


studio test for music theatre work

for soprano, baritone, sheng, percussion, sound tracks and video

He Yi (China), soprano

Jussi Lehtipuu (Finland), baritone

Naomi Sato, sheng; Frank Wienk, percussion

libretto: Adrian Hornsby

set design: Bart Visser

commissioned by Kameroperahuis, Zwolle.

sneak-peak-pilot try-out: 3/4 march 2011, Odeon theatre Zwolle

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try out performance of one aria at the Odeon theatre in Zwolle

The "Farewell aria" is the scene in which Western architect Sem meets the Chinese opera star Qin Mulan for the first time and they fall in love. It is misleadingly called "farewell" aria because Mulan is singing a seemingly traditional Chinese opera scene about a concubine saying farewell to her beloved war lord.

He Yi, soprano

Jussi Lehtipuu, baritone

Naomi Sato, sheng

Frank Wienk, percussion and samples